We are part of the movement helping employers provide better care for 157 million Americans while reducing health benefits spending by 20-40%.

The Health Rosetta accelerates adoption of simple, practical, non-partisan fixes to our healthcare system. 

CEO's Guide to REstoring the American Dream


An inside look at how public and private employers and unions around the country are reducing their spending 20-40% while improving the quality of care, illuminating the path to follow their successes.

  • Better for your bottom line
  • Better for your employees' health
  • Better for your employees' finances

"Forward-leaning benefits experts are the vanguard that are worth their weight in gold. They’ve left behind wasteful, obsolete approaches that plague most employers. They’re the architects and first members of the Health Rosetta Institute. I can’t thank them enough."

-Dave Chase, Co-Founder - Health Rosetta Institute



  • 30-50% of the current spend in healthcare is wasted
  • Traditional cost-shifting to employees has resulted in 20+ years of wage stagnation for the middle-class
  • The national average deductible size is $1,400 yet more than half of Americans have less than $1,000 in savings
  • The Health Rosetta certification is a commitment to aligned interests with our clients, full transparency of fees and costs, and better outcomes. 

Dave Chase's TED Talk:

How Healthcare Stole The American Dream - Here's How We Take It Back

Find out how we are transforming healthcare.