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Reimagine HEALTH

Health insurance remains a top expense for employers and the status quo is woefully unstable and frankly, unacceptable. Because every employee has different health care needs, we created a more diverse and interactive health care benefits solution. We deliver tools that provide our clients with greater transparency and accountability leading to increased positive outcomes.

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Reimagine rx

Imagine getting the medications you need for free. Yep, that’s right. Zero. Since 2016 Simpara has developed significant experience in the procurement, logistics, and supply of medications both domestically and internationally. We provide a safe, premium-quality, affordable alternative to the conventional delivery of health plan prescription drugs with savings up to 70%. With the growing cost-burden of brand and specialty medications, we needed to develop a program that was both simple and exciting.

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Instead of squeezing all of your benefits information and content into a short annual enrollment period, our year-round engagement model empowers employees to make steps towards a better, healthier life. We provide a clinical, concierge-grade team of people to care for your yours.

Our digital channels are customized to your business and integrates and expands your company culture to create a stand-out experience.

benefits reimagined

Healthcare can be confusing and expensive. We made it easy and free. For hundred of services like surgery, lab, and imaging we can get you the care for need for free. We’ve realigned the stakeholders in the healthcare supply chain to optimize quality care at affordable levels. The result is improved bottom line, more money in employees wallets, and better care. As one employee told us, “It’s like they brought us out of the stone-ages into the modern day way of doing things.”