Discounts off of what?

Dave Chase, co-founder of Health Rosetta, penned an article titled “Have PPO Networks Perpetrated The Greatest Heist In American History?” Originally published in Forbes in 2016, it is an eye opening account of the pervasive waste in our healthcare system.

Vail or Bust - Hear from Tara Conger November 14th

Vail or Bust - Hear from Tara Conger November 14th

If you’ve attended any of our healthcare summits or watched our DisruptHR talk, you probably recall the case study we shared regarding Power Johnson Power System’s incredible healthcare initiatives. Don’t remember? PJ Power Systems was so successful in implementing Health Rosetta-style plan design strategies that the leadership team decided to take the entire team (all 100+ employees) on an all-expense paid trip to Vail, Colorado.

You Can't Fix What You Don't See

Has your company tried, over and over again, to solve ever increasing health care costs?  “Yes, of course we have, but nothing seems to work!” is a common answer. “We bid out our employee health insurance every year through multiple brokers, we reduce benefits to offset rate increases, and we even light a candle 24 hours before year-end renewal!”

Where Did our Raises Go? To Healthcare

The Washington Post published one of the most perceptive op-eds on Labor Day that I’ve seen in a while re: the alarming impact that healthcare costs are having on employer wages: Where Did Our Raises Go? To Healthcare. Likely not new information - although, the way it’s presented will have every executive re-thinking their renewal strategy.  

Two of the main take-aways: 

1. Money once reserved for wage increases is now diverted to pay for employer-provided health insurance. A new study provides stunning estimates: For the bottom 60 percent of U.S. workers, wage gains have been completely wiped out by contributions for employer-provided health insurance.

2. For the bottom 50% of workers, employers’ health insurance contributions averaged 30 to 35% of companies’ total compensation packages. Companies also increased the premiums that workers themselves must pay to get coverage. From 1999 to 2015, worker premiums for a family plan more than doubled in inflation-adjusted dollars, from about $2,000 annually to almost $5,000.

All is not lost: 

The Health Rosetta provides the  blueprint for wise healthcare purchasing. They've uncovered the path to reduce costs drastically while improving benefits and health outcomes. 

We encourage you to join us on October 11, 2018 to hear from experts across the healthcare ecosystem providing actionable insights and strategies to implement the Health Rosetta principles. Check out our all-star line-up: 

  • Dutch Rojas - CEO & Founder: Sano Surgery
  • Al Lewis - Co-Founder & CEO: Quizzify
  • Cheryl Kellond - Co-Founder & CEO: Apostrophe Health
  • Robb Hicks, MD - Primary Care Physician & Founder: Direct Patient Care STL 
  • Curits Colbert - Principal, Simplified Insurance


Simpara Named A Top 50 Business in St. Louis

Less than two years since launch, Simpara has been named a Future 50 business by Small Business Monthly. The award recognizes our rocket-ship revenue growth and future potential but also our impact on the St. Louis community. This award is recognition of our work to reverse the trend in rising healthcare costs for businesses and their employees. We're restoring bottom-line growth, restoring wages to employees, and delivering a superior healthcare experience.

F50 AWARDS.jpg

This award is a testament to our clients and the St. Louis community that we live and work - we couldn't be more humbled and thankful for the recognition. We're honored to be named among such inspiring organizations. 

PTO Weekend Hours Are Here!

We're always expanding the functionality of our platform based upon our clients' feedback. Today we are pleased to announce that our Time-Off Tracking (PTO) Module has been enhanced to support weekend hours! 

Enhancements include: 

  • Weekend Hours: if your business operates on Saturdays and/or Sundays, employees can now request weekend time off. Our restaurants have been asking for this for a long time!
  • No more 8-hour full day limitations: we have added settings to customize how you define a full work day. If you have shorter hour days or have multiple shifts, you can now build this into your calendaring. 
  • Variable Full Days: this new feature allows employees to enter the number of hours including start-time and end-time they are requesting off. 
  • Dashboard Enhancements: we've cleaned up and enhanced the employee Time Off dashboard to provide more insights and better visuals without having to click through multiple screens. 
PTO Dashboard

Check back often for more product announcements. As always, we welcome our users' feedback, it's what makes our products great! 



DisruptHR 2.0 STL

We are thrilled to announce that Adam Berkowitz has been selected to present at next week's DisruptHR event at Helium Comedy Club in St. Louis. DisruptHR is a high-energy idea forum designed to inform and empower executives, business leaders, people in the human resources field and anyone really, who is passionate about humans in the workplace. 

DisruptHR STL

Our topic: Restoring the American Dream: Delivering World Class Benefits to Your Employees at Half the Cost. Here's the catch...we have just 5 minutes and 20 slides to present our topic and slides will transition automatically every 15 seconds. This is sure to make for an entertaining evening. 

If you are a business leader, a CEO, a technologist, a community leader, an HR professional, or someone who is simply passionate about new ideas in the workplace then DisruptHR is the place to be! 

Come out to support, heckle, have a drink, and laugh with us. Thank you to all of my Health Rosetta cohorts for helping build out this content. This is going to be a fun event and a great networking opportunity. Tickets can be purchased here - be sure to get one before they sell out!