Welcome to Simpara

Not long ago a friend and client of mine received news that her husband had been diagnosed with stage IV cancer. Overcome with emotion and facing the labyrinth that is our healthcare system, she reached out to me for help. It still gives me pause to think that when faced with this life-changing diagnosis one of the first calls she chose to make was to me, her insurance broker. Together we sat as I showed this couple, who had never had access to employer based health insurance before, how their new plan would be providing comprehensive care at one of the top rated cancer treatment centers in the country. We were able to come up with a plan that worked for them, emotionally and financially, so that they could focus on beating cancer. Too often families are faced with a dual battle against the disease as well as untangling what can be a complex web of EOB statements and understanding financial responsibility.

Client interactions like this are what inspire me to make a difference by directly impacting people’s lives as I help them to make the best possible health, wellness, and financial decisions for their unique family needs. In the fall of 2016 my own family experienced our own life-changing event with the birth of my first son. Following a high-risk pregnancy we were overjoyed to welcome a perfectly healthy 7lb 8oz baby boy into the world. I knew I needed to do something bigger, to create something worth walking out the front door everyday. 

I founded Simpara to bring a fresh approach to the shifting healthcare market. We are on the forefront of change and it is our commitment to consistently drive innovation forward to implement the very best solutions for our clients. With the very best technology solutions available and a commitment to personal service we have transformed what a benefits agency looks like and deliver exceptional value back to the client.

At Simpara we view ourselves as stewards of change for a very complex industry. Our unique technology is allowing us to customize the benefit experience down to each individual employee’s needs and deliver an engaging experience. We believe that when we put your employees in the driver seat of their healthcare and benefit decisions, armed with our guidance and tools, you the client achieve better outcomes in employee health, engagement, and overall costs. 

Simpara is about people and we invite you to join us on this journey as we transform healthcare and celebrate life.

-Adam Berkowitz
Founder & President