Solving Health Insurance for Small Business

Wouldn’t it be nice to have cost-effective health insurance that you can offer your employees?

Health insurance remains the top valued benefit by job seekers and yet less than 40% of private sector employers offer comprehensive coverage, according to a study by Kaiser Family Foundation. The reason it seems, is that employers find the process of setting up and managing a health plan too arduous. Traditional brokers haven’t made it simple to navigate the complex web of options, reduce the amount of paperwork involved, and allow employees to effortlessly compare their options and enroll in their benefit elections.

Simpara is Making Health Insurance Simple

It doesn’t have to be this complicated. The ACA created a series of benefit and price standards that has reduced the complexity of finding the right plan but traditional brokers have failed to adapt to the changing tides. Simpara’s online platform matches employers with comprehensive benefit options that meets their budget and allows employees to effortlessly review their benefits and enroll online with a few clicks. No paperwork, no spreadsheets, and no headaches.

Benefits Meets Chipotle

The one-size-fits all approach to setting up a benefits plan is no longer appropriate nor sustainable. With employees at various life stages and different family needs, a more tailored approach is required. Simpara’s benefit marketplace closes this gap by allowing employees to select from various types of health plans, dental options, tax-favored healthcare accounts, college savings plans, and lifestyle benefits such as pet insurance and identity protection.

Simpara puts benefit options at the fingertips of each employee enabling a powerful and interactive shopping experience. Real-time price comparisons, side-by-side comparisons, embedded video, and live support are just a few of our features.

Optimizing Your Benefits Today for a Healthier, More Productive Workforce Tomorrow

Enrollment is only the beginning of the employee journey with Simpara. We understand that navigating the healthcare system can be a daunting task. Our post-enrollment success program arms your employees with price transparency tools, on-demand virtual clinics, claims advocacy support, year-round engagement programs, and direct access to our success team.

Simpara is Benefits Reimagined.


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