Common Sense and Will


For far too long employers have been told "this is just the way it is" when faced with another health insurance increase. "We shopped the same four carriers, we looked at different deductible options, and we got your renewal down to a 4% increase."

We say no more. 

Your benefits can be better. Your cost can be improved.  This means your employees get a pay raise, employers improve EBITDA.

We are removing deductibles completely, dissolving networks, realigning primary care as the bedrock of high performing care, and putting in place dedicated concierge teams to help navigate a new health care ecosystem.

As one employer recently exclaimed: "Who knew someone could make us feel excited to meet about health care? It's like they brought us out of the stone ages into the modern way of doing things."   It's time to reverse the trend. As Dave Chase says, it just takes common sense and will.