Washington Post

Where Did our Raises Go? To Healthcare

The Washington Post published one of the most perceptive op-eds on Labor Day that I’ve seen in a while re: the alarming impact that healthcare costs are having on employer wages: Where Did Our Raises Go? To Healthcare. Likely not new information - although, the way it’s presented will have every executive re-thinking their renewal strategy.  

Two of the main take-aways: 

1. Money once reserved for wage increases is now diverted to pay for employer-provided health insurance. A new study provides stunning estimates: For the bottom 60 percent of U.S. workers, wage gains have been completely wiped out by contributions for employer-provided health insurance.

2. For the bottom 50% of workers, employers’ health insurance contributions averaged 30 to 35% of companies’ total compensation packages. Companies also increased the premiums that workers themselves must pay to get coverage. From 1999 to 2015, worker premiums for a family plan more than doubled in inflation-adjusted dollars, from about $2,000 annually to almost $5,000.

All is not lost: 

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