Technology Updates

PTO Weekend Hours Are Here!

We're always expanding the functionality of our platform based upon our clients' feedback. Today we are pleased to announce that our Time-Off Tracking (PTO) Module has been enhanced to support weekend hours! 

Enhancements include: 

  • Weekend Hours: if your business operates on Saturdays and/or Sundays, employees can now request weekend time off. Our restaurants have been asking for this for a long time!
  • No more 8-hour full day limitations: we have added settings to customize how you define a full work day. If you have shorter hour days or have multiple shifts, you can now build this into your calendaring. 
  • Variable Full Days: this new feature allows employees to enter the number of hours including start-time and end-time they are requesting off. 
  • Dashboard Enhancements: we've cleaned up and enhanced the employee Time Off dashboard to provide more insights and better visuals without having to click through multiple screens. 
PTO Dashboard

Check back often for more product announcements. As always, we welcome our users' feedback, it's what makes our products great!